KEYWEAR Pro Keyboard Covers are designed for musicians who demand great looking dust protection for their instruments. KEYWEAR covers are constructed with stretchy "Nylon Lycra" (like bike shorts) and incorporate an adjustable shock cord for an incredible fit on virtually every professional keyboard on the market, including yours.

You no longer have to settle for dust covers that look like "Grandma's shower cap" or "Granddad's typewriter cover", and you no longer have to make excuses for covering your gear with "towels or rags". KEYWEAR provides a clean, tight fit that keeps your keyboard looking great covered, or uncovered. KEYWEAR comes in 3 sizes (large, medium and small).

Large / KWlarge Fits most 88 and some 76 note keyboards..i.e. Triton Pro X, K2600, RD600 etc. msrp $34.95
Medium / KWmed Fits most 61 and many 76 note keyboards....i.e. QS7, Triton, XP80 etc. msrp $29.95
Small / KWsmall Fits many smaller keyboards....i.e. QS6, XP10, AN1x, CS2x etc. msrp $29.95
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