GEARHEAD Pro Audio covers were created to meet the needs of musicians who are as protective of their Pro Audio and Studio gear as they are of their keyboards. For years Keywear owners have been asking us for covers for their digital recorders, samplers, mixers and groove boxes. Here they are and yes, they fit like skin.
GEARHEAD "Soft Series" covers are just like our awesome Keywear Pro Keyboard Covers. They are constructed from the same premium “Lycra / Spandex” and incorporate the same adjustable shock cord, which results in the same incredible fit (Like Skin). GEARHEAD “Soft Series” covers come in 2 popular models; the GH1 and the GH2. See the size finder below to find the correct model for your piece of gear.
    GEARHEAD “Armor Series” covers were designed to provide unrivaled protection for the popular Mackie 1202VLZ, 1202VLZpro, 1402VLZ and 1402VLZpro. These innovative new covers are custom molded from “High Impact Polystyrene”. GEARHEAD Armor guards your Mackie against dust, dirt, spilled liquids, and many impacts. Our “Transport-Security Strap” system locks the Armor cover to the Mackie to protect it during transport (to and from a gig) and keeps curious fingers off your Mackie as well.                                     

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