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Why do the nations leading music retailers choose Keywear Pro Keyboard Covers and GEARHEAD Pro Audio Covers? They understand the importance of accessories in today’s competitive marketplace. They choose covers that their customers love, and that fit a huge variety of gear. With Keywear, dealers can cover virtually every single keyboard they sell with only three sizes (small, medium and large) and do it with amazing style. No more special orders; no more obsolete inventory; no more ugly “Tarp Like” dust covers that your customers hate. With the addition of GEARHEAD Pro Audio Covers dealers can also cover a huge variety of mixers, groove boxes, samplers, sequencers and digital recorders. These are all compelling reasons to choose Keywear, but the greatest reason of all is that Keywear generates profit.


Keywear is distributed by the nations leading music distributors. Please call your rep immediately and ask for Keywear Pro Keyboard Covers and GEARHEAD Pro Audio Covers. Let Keywear begin generating greater accessory profits for you today.


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Harris Teller
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Chicago, IL 60638
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932 NW Kouns Drive
Albany, OR 97321
Toll Free: (800) KEYWEAR


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USA, Europe, Asia, South/Central America
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